Constipation and Toxic Colon

poopingSome Studies Now Admit That Laxatives, Once Considered Effective… Are Utterly Ineffective For Most People, Specifically Ineffective For Senior Citizens!

 A breakthrough clinical research study by the prestigious Department of Oran Surgery/Gasteroenterological Clinic, at Elsinore Hospital, Elsinore, Denmark revealed that MANY people have substantial “pockets” of putrid waste, trapped between the walls of their colon…

As a result, this leads to all the gastric discomfort, such as: bloating, abdominal pressure, diarrhea & more!

All this toxic mess of rotting fecal wasting away inside of you is the TRUE CAUSE of what’s causing your digestive problems, and no other “conventional solutions” such as laxatives, enemas or what have you, can get decades of toxic build-up out of you!colonproblem

Colon Specialists & Medical Researchers are now saying that it does not matter, even if you are having a bowel movement every single day… trapped within the walls of your colon, you may be housing—as much as 15 pounds—of petrified, fecal matter that could even be poisonous, and it’s likely the root cause of your digestive nightmares.

This Toxic Mess Can Ruin You For Life!

That Denmark Study mentioned earlier showed that out of 251 men & women with a range of digestive concerns, as young as 26 to as old as 89, a shocking 62% of these patients in this study had toxic build-up in their colon.

And the BIG SURPRISE is that over 80% had a “normal” bowel movement once every single day — without pressure or strain!

“What About Laxatives?”



Laxatives can make your constipation worse! Your colon literally hates them! They tear apart your colon, making the process painful, and eventually your colon loses it’s effectiveness, not good!

If you’re over the age of 60, it’s unlikely that laxatives will be effective! And for those younger, the last thing you want to do is develop a dependency towards them…

What’s worse, laxatives can damage nerves, muscles, and tissues of the large intestine… and they may even interfere with your body’s ability to absorb some medications or food nutrients!

Enemas or suppositories are sometimes people’s choice for cleansing, but it falls well short! You’re only getting about a maximum of 8 inches of the end of your colon… when you consider it’s up to 5 FEET LONG, you’re leaving a lot to chance!

And these remedies are only half-effective, short term solutions that don’t protect you in the long term, or help in eliminating deadly harmful toxins…

“Do You Poop 3 times everyday, or Do You Have Any of These 8 Warning-Signs of an Unhealthy, Toxic Colon?”

  1.  Your Poop Sinks Fast:Often times the stool is dark because it’s been in your colon for a long time. A healthy bowel movement will sink to the bottom slowly, not fast.
  2. Floating or Sticky Poop that Stick to the Toilet Bowl:This is a sign of too much fat in your bowels, if your poop is sticking to the side or the bottom of the toilet, after you flush.
  3. Pencil Shaped Poop:This could be a sign of spleen deficiency, specifically pencil shaped bowels, and you’ll notice it can be difficult to finish.
  4. Your Poop is Shaped as a Pellet or Small Ball:Bowels that come out shaped as small balls or pellets can be a sign of the colon emptying out very slow.
  5. Your Poop is Yellow, Green, or Grey:If it’s green, means you could be passing it too fast… before it gets a chance to turn brown.
  6. If Your Poop Really Stinks and is Real Soft:A definite sign that your bowels have too much fat.
  7. White Mucus in Your Poop:You may be running at less than optimal levels in many fronts if you’re seeing white mucus in your bowels.
  8. Diarrhea-Like Poops (Loose):There’s a Chinese medical condition known as “spleen qi deficiency”, and loose stool & abdominal bloating can be the cause of this.

If you have these symptoms and not pooping 3 times everyday, then you should be alarmed.

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