WhiteLight Glutathione Sublingual Spray
Contains 2,500 Glutathione & 1,000mg Vitamin C

BFAD approved. BFAD Registration No. : 74728

Whitelight Glutathione Spray is the world’s first glutathione sublingual spray!

Sublingual literally means under the tongue and refers to a method of administering substances orally in such a way that the substances are RAPIDLY and MORE EFFECTIVELY ABSORBED as compared to capsules or tablets via the digestive tract. More and more recent researchers prove that glutathione in sublingual form is MORE EFFECTIVE than their capsule counterpart.

Glutathione is the body’s master anti-oxidant.

As an antioxidant, it helps liver to remove toxins from our body, longevity, it also prevent cataracts and heart disease. Beneficial to variety of conditions such as asthma (skin or lung), cancer, oesteoarthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, immune suppresion resulting from AIDS, hearing loss, male infertility and don’t forget the skin lightening side effect.

There has been is no side effects taking Glutathione supplements. Many are enjoying this side effect benefit of lightening of the skin. With Whitelight Sublingual Spray, you can achieve healthy system, looking and feeling young and fairer skin rolled into one.

Benefits of Whitelight Glutathione Spray

·         Functions both as an antioxidant and an antitoxin and is a major defense system against illness and aging.

·         Slows down the aging process

·         Detoxifies and improves liver function

·         Strengthens the immune system

·         Reduces the change of developing cancer

·         Works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improves concentration, permits increased exercise and improves heart and lung function.

·         Refreshes your skin

·         Softens skin and promotes whiter complexion

·         Refreshes your body

·         Promotes anti-aging and liver detoxifier

·         Refreshes your breath

·         Provides good oral hygiene

What is Sublingual Absorption?

oralabsorption “under the tongue” refers to a method of administering substances orally in such a way that the substance are rapidly and more effectively absorbed compared to capsules and tablets via the digestive tract.

Sublingual routes of administration have certain advantages over simple oral administration.

This route is faster, and entering a drug into one’s body under the tongue or sublingually ensures that the substance will only come in contact with the enzymes in saliva prior to entry into the bloodstream.

WhiteLight Glutathione Sublingual Spray SIDE-EFFECTS
Generally considered to be free of side-effects. No untoward side-effects nor interactions with oral administration reported even in prolonged use.
It is SAFE. Classified as Food Supplement not a herbal.
The only reported side- effect is SKIN WHITENING when taken in increased doses.Best for:
– smokers
– alcoholic drinkers
– people with low immune system
– people with liver problems
– people with thyroid problems
– people with cancer
– people who want to possess fairer and whiter skin
Directions for use of WhiteLight Glutathione.1.Shake well before using.
2.Spray twice a day under the tongue. You can spray after every meal, or after brushing your teeth.
3. Hold under tongue for 20 seconds prior to swallowing.See the Best Results After 1 – 2 Months of Continuous use, depending on your skin color.
Amazing Results!!lynebefore&after
Retail Price: Php 1,900.00 per bottle

Shipping Charge (Philippines): FREE

Shipping Charge (International): USD45

Methods of Payment:
Western Union
Bank Transfer (EASTWEST BANK)
  1. hHow to cet visa card for Démocratique république of Congo

  2. How to order po?

  3. Gerson Abello

    Pwd bang gamitin ang c24/7,COMPLETE at WHITELIGHT ng sabay if may hepa B?pano po dosage ng pag-inom?Thanks

    • Hi Gerson,
      Greetings po.Yes, puwede po pagsabayin ang C24/7 at Whitelight or COMPLETE at Whitelight kung may Hepa. Halos parehas lang po ang C24/7 at COMPLETE. 3 capsules ng C24/7 araw-araw at 3 times din ng Whitelight araw-araw. Liquid po ang Whitelight at ini spray sa ilalim ng dila (3 puffs bawat gamit po). Thanks, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  4. Jessebell Ador

    Hi panu mag order ng whitelight L-glutathione. Maybe this one can help to boost our fertility. I’m trying to get pregnant. Frm Caloocan Only. Thanks

  5. Daniel sule

    goodday sir!! i have no health issues but still wanna enhance my health in all aspect because like u said “prevention is better than cure” can i take all product all together and what doesge of each should take daily and at what time intervals???? am eagerly awaiting your reply thank you!!!

    • Hi Daniel Sule,
      Greetings to you. Yes, you should take our products especially C24/7 if you want better health. It is not that only the sick who should take C24/7 or COMPLETE Phyto-Energizer, but everybody else since its components help our body to strengthen our immune system and regulates our body systems, which prevents any types of diseases.
      At least 1 capsule everyday is fine for prevention. Cheers! arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  6. Romar villegas

    Tanong lang po ano po ang magandang ipatake sa may hepatitis b. At paano ang itake

    • Hi Romar,
      Greetings po.
      Maganda po gamitin ang C24/7, COMPLETE at WHITELIGHT para sa may Hepatitis. Kahit alin dyan sa 3 supplements ay makakatulong po. Ang C24/7 at COMPLETE ay kapsula at dapat pag inom ay 3 capsules araw-araw, at ang WHITELIGHT naman ay liquid at ini spray sa ilalim ng dila. Magandang panglinis ng atay ang mga yan. Try mo. thanks, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  7. Pwede pa po bang gamitin yung Whitelight kahit may color brown na po sya sa gilid at dun sa spray po? or expired na po s’ya?

    • Hi Hamjan,
      Greetings po…
      Tingnan mo po kung expire na, meron naman pong expiration date yan sa box label at sa bottle. Kung expire na po, huwag na ninyong gamitin. Tingnan mo rin po kung may singaw kaya nag iba ang kulay, kung may singaw na, huwag mo na rin gamitin. Bumili ka na lang ng bago para safe. Thanks, arman

  8. Tunde Lawal

    Hi Armand, I am Tunde from Nigeria. Can AIM Products Cure patients with HEPATITIS B, and if it can cure, which of the AIM Products are suitable and its dosage. Because, right now with me, I have C24/7, Complete, Restorelyf and the Omega supplement. Please, tell me how to use it for hepatitis B.

    Thank you sir

  9. Normal po b n medyo sumasakit ang ulo pag nag intake k ng whitelight?

  10. Pede po b pagkatapos lunukin yung whitelight afters 20seconds ay uminom ng tubig?

  11. Ellymae longakit

    Good morning po!!! Mag ask Lang po ako “Kung Ang pasyente Ay denedextros pwede ba ipapatake Ang Whitelight?!!

    • Hi Ellymae,
      Greetings po! Bakit po pala naka dextrose ang pasyente? At bakit po Whitelight ang gusto ninyo? Mas bagay po sa pasyente ang C24/7 kahit naka dextrose para maka recover kaagad ang katawan niya. Puwede mong tanggalin sa kapsula ang laman ng C24/7 at ihalo sa inumin. Regards, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  12. Pwede po ba sya sa breastfeeding mom?

  13. Hello Sir, please do you ship to nigeria?. The AIM in my country are still working on bringing this and some other products like the the toothpaste to partners here.

  14. Thanks..

  15. while taking a myra 400 ok lang din po ba?

  16. hi tanung ko lang po kung pwede po ba gumamit ng spray while using contraceptive? thanks..

  17. pwede po ba ITO SA BREASTFEEDING MOTHER?,, SAFE PO BA ITO ? …Pahingi naman ako ng link

  18. Hi po. Ilang spray po sa isang gamitan?

  19. Hi,
    Good day sir..i would.like to avail.ng white light..and would also like to loose a bit of weight..im.on.a.plus.size person and would love to get pregnant..whats best pair to have ..
    Thank you..godless

    • Hi Kim,
      Greetings and thanks for stopping by. If you want to loose weight fast, please take BURN SLIM Capsule. You can take BURN, CHOLEDUZ and C24/7 at the same time to loose weight fast and get pregnant. Once you achieved your desired weight, you can stop taking the BURN capsule and continue using the CHOLEDUZ and C24/7 to get pregnant. Try it. Wishing You all the best of Health. arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  20. Sir, pwede ba pagsabayin ang white light at burn slim, thanks

  21. Saan po pwede maka bili dito sa Cebu?😁 I will gonna try to use this ,hope it works…

  22. Pwede ba e take ng breastfeeding mom ang c247 perfectwhite at whitelight?

  23. Sir,

    Good day po, pwede po bang pagsabayin ang whitelight at saka perfect white, ano po ang tamang oras na pag take nito.


    • Hi Demie,
      Yes puwede mo pagsabayin ang Whitelight at Perfect White at anytime puwede mo gamitin. Tableta po ang Perfect White at ang Whitelight naman ay ini Spray sa ilalim ng dila. At least 3 puffs ng Whitelight at mag antay ka ng 25 SECONDS bago mo lunukin. Cheers! arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  24. Direction po is 3x puff 3x a day?pwde po ba ito sa lalaki?

    • Hi Brya,
      Yes, puwede po sa lahat ang Whitelight and actually maganda sa lalaki yan lalo na mahilig uminom ng alak dahil panlinis ito ng atay. Puwede po 3 puffs once a day or depende sayo kung ilan beses mo gamitin araw-araw. Kung gusto mo mas mabilis, yes gawin mong 3 puffs, 3 X daily. regards, arman

  25. Stella Ugochi

    Can a 70 year old Diabetic/hypertensive woman use WhiteLight?
    Can whitelight be combined with C24/7 and Choleduz for her?

    Thanks alot for being there for everyone of us that asks for ur assiatance. God Bless you

  26. Hi, do you guys have branch here in US? And is it legal na magship ng product here? Thanks.

    • Hi Bella,
      Sa ngayon po nasa Hawaii pa lang ang office namin dyan parte sa USA. Pero there is no problem naman po magpa ship ng products in USA especially our C24/7 as it is approved by FDA and it is actually made in USA. I have some customers in Las Vegas, Guam, California and Arizona and so far so good. And it only takes 4 – 10 days delivery. Please inbox me for more details, regards.. arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  27. hello, ask ko lang how many drops of spray dapat, kung 3 times a day, puede bang tatlong dorps per meal? o 4 drops kasi walang nakalagay sa direction kung ilang patak ang i drop under the tounge. thanks.

    • Hi Beng,
      Greetings po.
      Normally po 3 puffs daily lang kung gusto mo paabutin ng 1 month ang 1 bottle. 3 puffs po meaning 3 beses mo e-spray sa ilalim ng dila ang whitelight at mag antay ka ng 20 Seconds bago mo lunukin. Puwede rin 3 beses ka mag spray everyday, pero tig 3 puffs po yun ha. regards, arman

  28. how come they say na ung whitelight and complete ginagamit para makabuo ng baby?

    • Hi Krizia,
      Greetings po.
      Salamat din sa iyong pagbisita at katanungan. Yes, puwede naman pagsabayin ang COMPLETE at WHITELIGHT para magka baby ang mag asawa. Ang COMPLETE po pala ay parehas lang ng C24/7 pero walang anti-aging. Ang WHITELIGHT naman po ay actually FERTILITY BOOSTER din maliban sa nililinis nito ang atay. Dapat parehas na gumamit nito ang mag asawa para magkaroon ng baby. At kung medyo may katabaan naman po ang babae, mahirap din po yun mabuntis kaya dapat sabayan pa ng CHOLEDUZ. Ang CHOLEDUZ naman ay pangtunaw ng mga bad cholesterol sa katawan. Kailangan matanggal muna ang mga bad cholesterol ng babae para mabuntis po. Kung mapapansin mo po, mas madaling mabuntis ang mga babaeng slim ang katawan kesa mga chubby. I hope naliwanagan ka rin po. Regards, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  29. hi pwede po ba angwhitening products sA breastfeeding mommy like me? gusto ko pumayat, pumuti at syempre yung safe sa baby ko. salamat

  30. Hi Arman, observation pls: can you translate also in English so we can also be carried along since we cant read nor understand this language. Thanks
    Also what will you recommend for Hepatitis, Arthritis. Maureen

    • Hi Maureen,
      Thanks for your feedback, but of course I need to answer in similar language with the questions. If you ask me in Indonesian language, then I will also answer you in Indonesia or Bahasa for easy understanding of the person who asked. My recommendation for Hepatitis and Arthritis is the C24/7. You can also take Whitelight together with C24/7 for Hepatitis. To Your Best of Health, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  31. Emilio Manalo

    Hi sir, I can say it’s really great, I didn’t notice what is the outcome. I had been using whitelight for just almost a week only and my friend was amazed when she saw me and notice the change of my skin. Its really work. Thanks a lot and more power.

    • Hi Emilio,
      Appreciate your share, thanks. It’s nice to hear different testimonials of different persons. Happy changing lives and more power! arman

  32. Hello sir ! Makikita nba ang results within a week lang? hehe:)

    • Hello Jolina,
      Depende po sa gamit ninyo. Paano po ba ninyo ginagamit ang Whitelight at ilang beses sa isang araw? At anong results po ang gusto ninyong makita? Cheers! arman

  33. Hi sir, pede po ba gamitin ang whitelight kahit nagtatake ng contraceptive pills?

  34. Emilio Manalo

    Sir itatanong KO lang ang whitlight ba ay puede sa lalake?

  35. Mae E Gelacio

    namention dito na ma improve ang hearing loss, mr. ko may hearing loss, how effective po ba ito?

  36. good day po makacure po ba ang whitlight sa hepa b po?

  37. helo po ask ko lng po alin po ba mas beter take ko whiteligth fertility booster or complete mrmi po kz ngsasavi na mkatulong pra mgkaanak,,thnks in advance

    • HI Dhel,
      Thanks for dropping by, and regarding po sa katanungan mo, Yes, maganda gamitin ang Whitelight saka Complete or C24/7 para magkaanak. Dapat parahes kayong iinom mag asawa dahil pamparami rin po ng sperm count ang Whitelight at C24/7 or Complete. regards, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  38. Good day Sir Armand, okay lang po ba gumamit ng Whitelight pag buntis? Or bawal po? Thanks

    • Hi Zaldy,
      Thanks for dropping by. Yes puede rin naman. Para sa atay naman ang whitelight at puputi ang gagamit nito siguro pati ang baby. Pero mas maganda kung complete phytoenergizer ang iinumin ng buntis dahil kumpleto ito sa nutrients and minerals na makakatulong para mas malusog ang baby at ang mommy. regards, arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg

  39. Ask lang po? Pwede po ba ito sa 11 years old. Ask ng sister ko?

    • Greetings Nawal Gaca,
      Ano po ang gusto ninyo sa inyong 11 years old na bata? Para pumuti ba or what? kung gusto nyo pong maging healthy siya, COMPLETE po ang ibigay ninyo sa kanya at ang MyChoco..regards, arman (arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg)

  40. Sana ok ito.. Loveyou babe divine.. 🙂

    • Greetings Amiel,
      Okay na okay din po yan Whitelight kung gusto mong maging FLAWLESS ang skin mo…Maganda po yan para sa atay…mas maganda yan kesa sa mga injectable Gluthathione…Regards, arman

  41. ok..i will try later…..

    • Dear Grace,
      Greetings and thanks for stopping by…
      You can email me for more information and details…thanks arman (arman.escanilla@yahoo.som.sg)

  42. saka ilang weeks po bago makita ung results po ng whitelight??

  43. Hello po ! ask lang po ulit sir, ung slim n trim nio po pwde din po ba sa 15 year old? thank you po in advance …

  44. is this good for a 15 year old girl?

    • Hi Venice,
      Yes, puwede rin po sa 15 years old ang whitelight kung gusto mong gumanda ang iyong kutis at pumuti ng pantay. 2 weeks lang makikita mo na ang epekto sa iyong kutis. Kahit ang Slim and Trim puwede rin sa iyong age kung gusto mong magpapayat. email me for more details at kung gusto mo mag order or maging distributor din. Magandang part time ito lalo na habang bata ka pa..thanks ang regards, arman (arman.escanilla@yahoo.com.sg)

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