Slim & Trim is a food supplement specially made to help anyone lose weight. It contains Glucomanan – Hoodia Gordonii, two of the newest and most proven potent weight loss ingredients in the world!

Glucomannan is a water soluble polysaccharide that is considered a dietary fiber. Clinical studies have shown the potential health benefits of glucomannan in constipation, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cholesterol and other lipids.

Hoodia Gordonii is a leafless spiny succulent plant with medicinal uses. It grows naturally in South Africa and Namibia.

Medicinal uses of Hoodia

  • Long been used for treating indigestion and small infections by the people of Southern Africa.
  • In 1977, South African Counsil of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) isolated the ingredients in hoodia which is now known as P 57, which is responsible for its appetite-suppressant effect.
  • Inhibits gastric production in the stomach by 40% to 60%

BENEFITS OF USING SLIM & TRIM What can Slim & Trim do for your body?slimtrim

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Relieves symptoms of constipation
  • Aids in increasing metabolism
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Improves will power, discipline and choice of food
  • On Constipation: Relieves constipation by decreasing fecal transit time. It can be well tolerated and no relevant side effects
  • On Obesity: Clinical evidence suggests glucomannan may be beneficial in weight loss. It is a soluble fiber that absorbs water to form a viscous gel-like mass which promotes feelings of satiety while travelling through the gastrointestinal tract
  • On Type 2 Diabetes: Glucomannan is useful as a therapeutic adjunct for Type 2 Diabetest by improving lipid profile and alleviate the fasting blood glucose levels of Type 2 Diabetics
  • On Cholesterol and Other Lipids: Glucomannan demonstrated stastistically significant improvement in the total cholesterol of patients. When used in conjunction with chitosa, glucomannan decreases serum cholesterol possibly by increasing steroid excretion via the feces.slimtestimony
Retail Price: Php 1125.00 per pack (30 vcaps / pack)

Shipping Charge (Philippines): FREE

Shipping Charge (International): USD45

Methods of Payment:
Western Union
Bank Transfer (EASTWEST BANK)
  1. Gladys Nabwato Ngulumi

    Hi where do I get these from London.

  2. Ifeoma clementina

    I.ive in the uk and want to sell your product my name is clementina

  3. I want to buy the you product the slimming and the others please tell me how to pay

  4. stella Bassey

    please bow can i get slim and trim and also phyto energiser. I am in Nigeria. Many thanks

  5. Am 90 kilograms. I want to cut down to 80 kms. Am in Uganda, where can I find slim and trim and how do I take it for quick results.

  6. Hi, Can i use slim & Trim if am breastfeeding.

  7. Pwedi po ba uminom ng slim and trim ang breastfeeding mom?..

  8. I am in Nigeria I want Slim and Trim slimming capsules


  10. Hi sir.mag 4 years na po kami ng asawa ko paano po ba ito hindi pa kami nagkaroon ng anaksabik na ako magkaroon ng anak at magkano po ba ito dito kasi ako saprovince salamat po

  11. Am small and am not energetic and i always have malaria full time and my weight is constant to only 60-61 what can i do to get body weight up to 70-80kgs

    • Hi John,
      How old are you and your height buddy? Your age and height will determine how many weight you should have. Slim and Trim is to lose weight and it is not meant for you if you want to gain weight and having malaria. Please take C24/7, this supplement is good for a person having malaria. C24/7 will also help you become active and energetic. To gain weight, you should take foods high in proteins along with C24/7 and some exercise. To your best of health, shoot me an email.

  12. Good day sir! Pag na achieved muna kunwari ung body n gusto mo at stop muna.. Babalik b sa dti ung katawn mo?

    • Hi Jeane,
      Greetings po.
      Yes po kapag na achieved mo na ang weight na gusto mo, puwede mo ng e-stop ang pag inom nitong Slim & Trim. Pero dapat e-maintain mo para hindi na babalik sa dati. Gamitin mong pang maintenance ang Restorlyf kahit 1 capsule everyday. Very healthy ka niyan. Wish you all the best of health.. arman

  13. i have food allergies, dustmites ,perfumes and some make up ..Does c24/7 cure for these allergies? have you got any testimonies for this ?
    and how about for overactive bladder( frequency in urinating)?


    • Hi Dorcas,
      I hope you are doing great. C24/7 Natura-ceutical is the best product for your illness and you don’t have to worry because it has no yoyo effect once you decided to stop. C24/7 is a powerful food supplement that should be taken by any person with or without illness. As for your situation, 3 capsules per day should be taken. regards,

  14. sheila jacob

    Can i order 1pack how much po

  15. kadiri sally

    i take 2 slim and trim morning and evening.and my weight is 73kg.i want get to size it ok?

    • Hi Kadiri Sally,
      Greetings! May I know how do you take it? For your info, you have to take it 1 hour before you eat lunch or dinner, and you have to take 2 glasses of water. It will suppresses your appetite, thus you cannot eat much. However, you still have to eat at least 1/4 of your meal. Hope it helps.. regards, arman

  16. How can i take it with C24/7? Because im taking slim and trim in the morning. Thanks

    • Greetings Mai,
      thanks for stopping by, you can take c24/7 anytime. you can take it along with slim & trim and there’s no problem about that…regards, arman

  17. Hello sir, im taking slim and trim for almost 2 weeks, but there isn’t improvement of my fats. How long does it effects? Thanks.

    • Greetings Marceline,
      May I know how do you take the Slim and Trim? How many capsules did you take everyday? and How about your eating? Thanks, arman

  18. Lourdes A. Padilla

    What is dosage of this?

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