Detoxification – Why It is Important to Your Health?

detox11Our bodies naturally detoxify everyday as part of a normal body process. Detoxification is one of the body’s most basic automatic functions of eliminating and neutralizing toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Unfortunately in this day and age, with the pollution found in the air, water and food we eat, our bodies have a hard time keeping up. Our chemicalized diet with too much animal protein, too much saturated and trans fats, too much caffeine and alcohol radically alters our internal ecosystem.

Body systems and organs that were once capable of naturally cleaning out unwanted substances are now completely over-loaded to the point where toxic material remains inside our tissues. Our bodies try to protect us from dangerous substances by isolating and surrounding them with mucous and fat so that they will not cause an imbalance or trigger an immune response (some people carry up to 15 extra pounds of mucous that harbours this waste).

detox4What is Detoxification?

First off, detoxification starts with fasting and it works wonders on your body. This process cleans out mucous and toxins from the intestinal tract and major organs. There are many ways to eliminate toxins from the body however the most popular, effective and safest forms of detoxification are through Herbal Cleansers and Colon Hydrotherapy.

Detoxification through special cleansing diets and colonics is the best way to assist your body’s natural self-cleaning system. It is especially important for immune-compromised diseases like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and chronic fatigue. However, even if your diet is good, a spring cleanse can revitalize your system and rid your body of harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites (Cleansing diet using Water alone is not enough).

As your body gets rid of the accumulated waste, healing effects often accompany the accelerated elimination from your skin, liver, kidneys, and lungs. You will then experience any of the following for a short period:

Body Odor, Bad Breath, Fatigue, Diarrhea and Headaches

But don’t worry, these are merely healing manifestations. It simply means that your body is in the process of getting rid of the saturated waste from your system. This also happens especially during a colon cleanse. Another benefit that you get when you undergo a detoxification is that it helps release hormone secretions that stimulate your immune system. It also promotes a healthy and disease-free body as your body starts to re-balance in about two weeks, more or less. You will soon notice that your energy levels rise physically, psychologically, and sexually.

Herbal Colon Cleansers

Herbal cleanses usually come in the form of a supplement containing plant-derived soluble and insoluble fiber and potent detoxifying herbs. Herbal colon cleansers assist your body in cleansing the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and impacted fecal matter and helps prevent the formation of new build-up.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy (also called a Colonic or Colonic Irrigation), is a safe and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. During a colonic, filtered, temperature-regulated water is introduced into the bowel via a disposable speculum. This softens and loosens the feces, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis down through disposable waste tubing that is piped away through the colon therapy machine. There is no odor and modesty is maintained at all times. This flushing process is repeated during a therapeutic treatment. Check out where to find a colon hydrotherapy clinic near you.


When toxins and wastes are removed from the body, optimal function is restored. During this process it is wise to eat only fresh and simply prepared nutrient-rich vegetarian foods. You should also drink lots of pure filtered water, and caffeine free herbal teas. Include vitamin and mineral supplements and herbal aids for your specific needs.

How Can I Re-build?

Some of the best ways to re-build the nutrients our bodies need back into our systems is through eating foods high in nutrients (superfoods) and through targeted supplementation. Through improved diet and lifestyle habits you can strengthen your immune system and keep your health at an optimal level.

The body will feel the effects of a cleanse straight away through rebalanced hormone levels, a rise in energy levels, physically, mentally and sexually and an improved sense of awareness and creativity. You will feel like a different person, because you are! Your outlook and attitude will have changed because through cleansing and improving your diet, your actual cell make up has changed.

Flush Away All The Toxins That Have Been Polluting Your Body For Years — And Stop Them Coming Back Again With A Vengeance!aim-global-c-24-7

The only way to completely protect your body from these toxins and heal yourself, is to use a food-based cleansing supplement like C24/7 NaturaCeuticals. One that gives your body all the vital nutrition it needs, while also flushing out all the toxins that shouldn’t be there. Remember, a pound of prevention is definitely worth far more than a ton of cure.


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  1. Gwen catedral

    Complete can be taken by pregnant women? Pwede din po ba pag sabayin ang complete tsaka usana(prenatal care vitamins)?

    • Hi Gwen,
      Greetings po. Para po sa pregnant women at mga bata, COMPLETE PHYTO-ENERGIZER po ang bagay sa kanila dahil walang anti-aging, unlike ang C24/7 na mataas ang anti-aging. Napakaganda po ng COMPLETE para sa mga buntis kahit wala na ang ibang synthetic vitamins na iniinom normally ng mga buntis. Try nyo din po. Regards,

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