How to become an aimglobal partner

If you are new to business, and in particular network marketing then “welcome”. You are at the right place. We strongly believe that building a network marketing business is one of the smartest things you can do with your time and money in today’s economy.

Bringing out the entrepreneur in you


Enjoy selling? Market our excellent wellness products at the retail level anytime, anywhere. Sell it at SRP and earn profit!

Network Development

At AIM Global, the world is at your fingertips. Build your network and develop leaders here in the Philippines and in over 200 countries around the globe!


If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone, start your own business, and partner with AIM Global! Lead a life of wellness, achieve time freedom, and financial independence!

If you are READY to build your DREAMS now, then we can help you. In Aimglobal Networking, You don’t have to be Great to Start…You have to Start to be Great.. So lets do it. Choose your Global Package HERE.

Shoot me an email me for more informations and confirmations: /


  1. I am from Nauru in the south pacific after I have learn the effectiveness of your product I wish to become also a distributor.Thanks

  2. Ingeborg Sprenger

    Guten Tag, mein Name ist Inge Sprenger. Wo kann ich c 24/7 in Deutschland bekommen ??? Habe sehr großes Interesse.

  3. Need more information on anamia

  4. Johannes kodi

    Hi. I’m also want this product m at mpumalanga

  5. I want this product im in gauteng bronkhostspruit where to get it

  6. Hi I am from Kiribati I want to know how to be part of your distributing team

  7. Bonsoir a vous
    Puis je savoir si parmi vos produits,il y en qui peut regler le probleme de oui lequel..

  8. Godwin Zakaria Axwesso

    I want to be your member how do I get few samples of your product so that my people may use it. How to be your local agent here in my country? I am Tanzania

  9. Greetings.. hey..! Wanted to join you this ultimate guide to wealth and health.
    How can I be part of this amazing opportunity.

  10. Laura Baddoo

    I will love to sell your product. I live in Accra, Ghana.

  11. Florence Ega

    hi Iam interested to be a disributor pls send me an email.

  12. Hi Arman i live in Tanzania,East Africa and I want to be a member,please send me the details on how to join and how will I become wealthier

  13. Please, send me your opportunity joining instructions.
    Looking through comment replies from you, a new applicant has to buy some qualifying package. What is this? And provide a price list for products and also the joining fees for a new applicant.
    Anderson riungu

    • Hi Anderson Riungu,
      Thanks for stopping by. Let me know which country are you from? In order for anyone who wants to become a member of the company, yes you have to purchase our Global Package. It is a 1 time membership and it is for LIFETIME. As you can see here, the Global Package is in the Philippines and you can choose the products you want from our Global Package Options. We also have International offices in Brunei, Singapore, Kuwait, Hawaii, KSA, UAE, Ghana, Togo and 6 branches in Nigeria. Different countries has different Global Packages, so if you are in the countries mentioned above, I recommend you purchase it on that country. You can email me for more details and to assist you. In this company, You have nothing to lose — but you have your whole life to win. Cheers!

  14. Am aKenyan how can i become a distributor of this important product?

    • Dear Daniel,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your interest as well. To become a part of the company, please watch the presentation as it will teach you how to do it. You need to purchase our Global Package to activate your account. You can choose from our Global Package Options. Please drop me an email for more details and explanations. To Your Success!

  15. melissa cortez cabarloc

    How to join or member?

    • Hi Melissa Cortez,
      Thans for stopping by and interest to our products. Have you watched the videos? Which country are you living now? To become a member of our company, you need sponsor (like me) to guide you, then purchase our Global Package. Every Global Package has a code to be entered into our system and for you to monitor your account. You can purchase our Global Package from our main office or branches in the Philippines or if you are living outside the Philippines, you can go to our International offices to get the products. We have offices in Brunei, Singapore, Hawaii, Kuwait, Hongkong, Taiwan, Nigeria and Ghana that you can get our Global Package. You can also purchase the Global Package thru this blog and I will send it to you. Please shoot me an email for complete details and more informations. Cheers!

  16. dickwin roca

    I want to be member for lifetime

  17. Mohd Abdul Aziz

    I wan to distributor yor produk here in indonesia is posible or not?

    • Dear Abdul Aziz,
      Selamat Malam,
      Thanks for stopping by to my blog and also for your interest to our products. Yes, anyone can be an agent or distributor of our products, and the truth is we are going to open our office in Jakarta this year. So, it’s a right decision for you as it is a huge opportunity. I already have some partners in Pulau Batam and they are also waiting for our office to open. Temporarily, they are getting the products from our office in Singapore. For more details and info, please drop me an email. Salam…

  18. Where can i buy ur product 24/7 here in k.s.a

    • Hi Chris,
      I have partners in KSA and you may contact them if you want, they will provide you the details on how you can get our products. The good news is that our branch office in KSA is opened, so you can get anytime you want especially if you become a member of the company. Just email me for more details. regards,

  19. Avez vous un distributeur au CAMEROUN-yaoundé??

  20. Lelu P. Contreras

    Do you have a distributor here in Catanduanes (Philippines)?

    • Hi Sir / Madam Lelu,
      Greetings and Hope you are doing great.
      As of today we don’t have a branch office in Catanduanes. We have in Cam. Sur, Cam. norte and Legazpi City. We shipped nationwide or abroad, so there’s no need to worry. Just email me for details, thanks

  21. Denise Markowsky

    Please send more information. Is it possible to get a sample? I am allergic to many foods. I am interested in distribution in Georgia, USA. is there anywhere in Atlanta that I could try it first? $45 shipping is high. Are you the only distribution center or is there one in the states? Thank you it looks good!

    • Hi Denise,
      Thanks for stopping by and to your interest in our products which I can say the best so far. It’s actually made in USA and distributed by our company. As of now we have no distribution office in your area except in Hawaii. Let’s talk further on how we can make it.

  22. Leticia Meller

    Do you have any distributor company in California, USA. I want join . may be you can send me pm kasi mostly I’m getting messages from my phone. 562-209-xxxx. thanks

  23. Please Sir, can I have your number as I want to be a distributor here in London . please I will expect your reply. Tina.

  24. hi sir gztoq poh sna itry ung aim global.product pano po mgcmula ng mgkno po ang kakailanganing amountpra mkapagbussness l.

  25. Iam very interested in your product. My mum just bought a packet of your product and it help her… therefore, Iam very interested in becoming a member. Could you please help me. Molly Mongo.
    Papua New Guinea

  26. Sir saan dto banda sa Bacolod yung branch nyo?magkano membership nyo?

  27. Ruby LAzaga

    I’m interested to join but I’m based in UK

  28. Muhammad kabir

    Hi I am in uae I am intrested to buy this product I want to know if you have the branch here

  29. Jackson Ima

    I love this product,and will love to be your disruptor.Please send me a mail .Thanks

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