Do Supplements Work?

“Do supplements work?” is a question that frequently comes up if you share with people that you use supplements, or if they see you taking them.

If you are taking quality supplements that contain the nutrients your body needs, the answer to that question will always be Yes!

Yet at the heart of the question “Do Supplements Work?” is frequently another people don’t put into words, but truly find more important…

How Can I know if My Supplements
are Working for Me?

questionsI have no doubt that you can know your supplements are working for you, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen without a little concentration and effort on your part.

Many people fail to realize their supplements are helping them because they are in the habit of ignoring their health. I know, because that’s the way I was most of my life…

I ignored my health until I got sick enough that I just couldn’t do it anymore!

If you pay no attention to how you feel, you will have to change, to know if any supplement is working for you, or not.

But, if you want find the answer…

Follow These Five Simple Steps:

  1. Write down the health challenges or symptoms you would like to reverse.
  2. Rank those symptoms for at least a week,on a daily basis, before beginning the supplements.
  3. Find out what is the difference between your Vitamins and Supplements.

Use a scale of 1 to 10 where one is barely noticeable, and ten is so bad it destroys any normal quality of life.

  1. Take the supplements regularly, and continue to rank the same symptoms, on a daily basis, for at least a month, and preferably six months after you start taking them.
  2. If your symptoms get worse right off, cut back on the amount you are taking to give your body a chance to adjust.

It is possible you are having a detoxification reaction where your body is cleansing itself of stored toxins. As soon as the symptoms go away, build your dosage back up to the recommended amount.

  1. If there is no improvement in two to three months time…stop taking the supplement and try another one.

When I first took a SUPPLEMENT that really improved my health, I kept a similar diary for a month after starting the supplement. By the end of that month, I knew my health had greatly improved. At that point I was willing to continue buying the supplement that helped.

If you follow this plan you can answer the question for yourself.

I KNOW they DO work, and ARE WORKING for me and to many OTHERS!

When you find the ones you need, you’ll be able to answer “Do Supplements Work?” with a satisfied “Yes” as well.


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