No Approved Therapeutic Claims

No Approved Therapeutic Claims

Most of Food Supplements has “No Approved Therapeutic Claim”, this is why many are afraid of taking Food Supplements because of this tag.


What is it?
It means Food Supplements has No Therapeutic Effect

Is it bad? NO
Is Food Supplements still worth taking? YES

It only means that Food Supplements are NOT FOR THERAPY

Meaning you may take Food Supplement as much as you want without OVERDOSE

Therapeutic Medicine can be bought from Drug Stores and Pharmacies, these has Therapeutic Effect meaning, it can alleviate the symptoms you are experiencing immediately, in short it is an Immediate Remedy to your illness.

If you are sick, you can’t feel, move or function properly. You need to feel, move and function properly so the medicine is given to you to remedy your discomfort. But this doesn’t exactly HEAL you outright.

If you have influenza. You will be given Fever Suppressants and the like so you WON’T FEEL SICK, but this doesn’t mean that the Influenza Virus has already been eliminated from your system.

You have severe back pain, you will be given Pain Relievers and the like so you WON’T FEEL YOUR BACK PAIN, but this doesn’t mean that the cause of your Back Pain is already eliminated.


THERAPEUTIC – Your Fever Suppressants and Pain Relievers can’t be taken MORE than the Recommended Dosage, or you will get OVERDOSED

Why is this, because these THERAPEUTIC Drugs are Harmful and Deadly Chemicals.

If it has NO THERAPEUTIC EFFECT, How in the World did it happen that many Claims that they were HEALED 100% by using these products?

carpenterFood Supplements are like CARPENTER!!!

Our Body was created with the ability to Fight Illnesses and Conduct Self Repair.
Then why there are illnesses like Cancer, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disorders that the body can’t heal and even causes death?

Correction: Our body CAN HEAL these illnesses!

Our body just don’t have the adequate Tools and Spare parts to repair itself.
QUESTION: Have you ever tried to change your car’s tires without a “Spare Tire”?

Another QUESTION: Have you ever tried baking a cake with no ingredient available?

And Still another Question: Have you ever tried sewing without a needle and a thread?

Does it make sense now?

Your body can’t repair itself because of the LACK of Components or Nutrients it needs to repair.

You get these Nutrients from the Food you eat.
But let me ask you, do you eat Nutritious Food, with 100% NO Harmful Chemicals?

I’ll tell you, you haven’t, ever.

So where do you get your Nutritional Needs (Body repair spare parts)?

Answer: From Food Supplements like C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals


It provides you with what your body needs to repair itself.

The Food Supplement provide the Tools and Spare Parts, and Your Body Repairs Itself.
That’s how people get HEALED in taking Food Supplements.

Why do you Experience “WEIRD SYMPTOMS” after taking Food Supplements?

There are Experiences like “I was working hard and having this lifestyle for so many years now and I was feeling ok, BUT when I started taking Food Supplements I experienced sudden fevers, dizziness, boils, pimples, etc.”


You felt OK the few years having your lifestyle because your body immune system has been dormantly adapting to your surroundings. Your immune system has been IGNORING the Toxicity of your Body through the years.

After taking Food Supplements, your body became AWARE of your Toxicity Level, so it suddenly takes action to repair it by Immediate Detoxification.

These process may be painful and very very uncomfortable, but it’s NORMAL.

It’s like a PC with Undetected Virus. It has been running all these years normally, but slow. So you install an Anti-Virus that detects all its Viruses and tries to repair the System. The PC started acting weird, programs not running properly, etc.

Its not the fault of the Anti-virus, The PC is just under system maintenance. After this maintenance the PC will be running better and faster.

So is your Body.

After taking Food Supplements your immune system became aware of your health and lifestyle problems. It tries to fix you up and put you back to Zero Toxin state. It’s painful and uncomfortable, but after that, your body would start functioning better and healthier.


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  1. The best tlga ang organic product kaysa samedicine s drugstore n may dosage level or overdose i really take food supplements liquid kysa softdrink mas mganda mas praktikal

  2. carlita carandang

    I have just started to take C24/7 natura-ceuticals. i find it good. But recently, my sister who is diabetic was told by her doctor, a neprologist, that all kinds of food supplements affects the liver…thus, will cause damage to other organs of the body, like the kidneys. I am having some kidney issue. In fact, a chronic kidney disease, Am I still going to continue taking C24/7?

    • Greetings Carlita Carandang,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your questions. First, we need to understand that “NOT” all supplements are the same. There is a BIG difference between Synthetic Vitamins or Supplements TO NATURAL or ORGANIC Supplements. Synthetic vitamins or supplements may damage our kidneys or liver in the LONG RUN of continuous usage, while Organic or Natural Supplements will NOT, rather will help improved your health. Please read here;

      Therefore, I would suggest you continue using the C24/7 Natura-ceuticals..It’s the BEST product being discovered so far..regards, arman

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